Lorne Newell: Keyboards - Drums - Bass

Lorne Newell found his initial stride by forming cover bands that breathed life into the iconic keyboard-oriented tunes of legends such as Emerson Lake & Palmer, Saga, Supertramp, Styx, FM, Journey, Foreigner and The Cars, among others.

The mid-1980s marked a pivotal juncture in Lorne's journey as he established a home studio to focus on writing original music. With a focus on songwriting, Lorne began to weave his personal experiences, emotions, and observations into songs.

But Lorne's story is not only one of solitary creation. Fuelled by a desire to collaborate, he embarked on a number of musical projects with multiple songwriting partners. By working alongside fellow songwriters, instrumentalists, or vocalists, Lorne's collaborations produced many and varied musical compositions.

Through the years, Lorne's musical evolution mirrored the ever-changing landscapes of the industry and technologies. He blended traditional craftsmanship with contemporary trends to ensure his music remained current with the signature sounds of the various eras.

As an artist, Lorne Newell continues his quest to create and produce  music leveraging existing songwriting partnerships as well as exploring new musical relationships.