Jean Marc Lessard: Guitars - Vocals

Born on the shores of Nova Scotia and shaped by the musical cultures of Montreal and Toronto, he is a musician whose artistic journey has been fueled by a deep passion for crafting original and thought-provoking soft & medium rock music with lyrics resonating with emotion.  

His early music making career began in the coffee houses of Montreal with his brother Daniel. Writing songs and lyrics within that genre. 

He relocated to Toronto in the earlier 80’s. This and with an exploding diversity of musical genres, helped to form his soft rock sound by creating a slightly harder edge. As well, his lyrics developed a new depth inviting listeners to reflect upon their own experiences. 

In 2019 where, along with a talented group of musicians, he released his debut album "It’s Never Too Late by six odd souls”. This album showcased his adeptness at infusing his music with a sense of introspection, themes of love, self-discovery and the intricacies of human relationships. 

As he continues to evolve as a musician, Jean Marc continues to stay true to the core elements that define his music. With his roots in Nova Scotia, the dynamic energies of Montreal and Toronto shaping his artistic identity, he, along with his new musical partner Lorne Newell, is dedicated to making music that is relatable within the lives of his audience. Songs whose melodies and lyrics are the soundtrack of their own lives.